October Reflection + November Goals

9:23 AM

Happy NaNo writers!
Today I present you with my November goals.  Please excuse the fact that it's 5 days late, feel free to blame school, NaNo, and cardboard boat racing.

October Reflection:

October was a crazy month.  But *thankfully* there was progress made on my goals.

Monthly Goals:

Help Out More
Double thumbs up for this one!  I think I got in 20hrs of volunteering this month, which is awesome considering the amount of other things that were going on.

Visit The Tree Farm
CHECK.  On the last weekend of October my friend gang and I all went out and took pictures.  And oh my word, were they ever cute.

 Weekly Goals:

Bake Pumpkin and Apple Goodies
This might seem like a silly weekly goal, but I wanted to make sure that made all the yummy cinnamon, pumpkin treats at a time where it was socially acceptable (ie. fall).  This goal was definitely achieved.

Two of my close friends had birthdays in October and celebrating with them was definitely a highlight of the month.  I just love birthdays!

Daily Goals:

YES.  Last month I spent a lot of time really digging into the word, and oh my, was it ever fruitful.  I think this is now going to be a permanent daily goal.
November Goals:

Monthly Goals:

Make Progress on T.E.A.M
T.E.A.M is the novel I'm writing for NaNo and really want to try and put a good dent in it this month.

Simplify Before the Holidays
This one is HUGE.  Christmas is approaching so fast and I am not at all organized.  This month I'm hoping to get all my lists and notes in order so that December is less hectic.

 Weekly Goals:

Social Media Free Weekends
You gals seriously need to try this.  You pretty much log out of all social media on Friday night and don't log back in till Monday morning.  I absolutely love doing it because it allows be to enjoy the weekend without comparing my life to someone else.

Daily Goals:

This is written in big, bold letters in my planner.  In November I need to tend to my heart, mind and soul.

Okay so here's a story for you, and I give you full permission to laugh at me.  So I like to read the bible on the app that I think is called "Bible".  Anyways, so over the last three months I'm been trying to 'understand' a lot of the verses from the traditional version.  And then, last week, I discovered that you could switch your bible version to 'Contemporary English' which pretty much changes it to modern, everyday english.  MIND BLOWN.
And that’s a wrap!

By the way, there's a lil change to the top bar of my blog to make it easier to find my monthly, weekly and daily goals for each month!
Lots of love,

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  1. I really like these goals! :) Taking off social media sounds so awesome!! I might try that. Great post. I just love goal posts!

    1. Thank you so much Bernie! *big virtual hug*


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