10 Things That You Miss About Elementary School

8:35 AM

H A P P Y  F R I - Y A Y !

Hey gal pal, what's up?  What was the highlight of your week?  Did you slay any dragons?  Jump off any cliffs? No?  Me either.

Anyways, blog post.

I do really enjoy high school, but there are definitely things that I miss from the good ol' days of elementary school.  

Here are the top ten....

1) Getting to make lil mailboxes and handing out Barbie (or Scooby-Doo, if you were that cool), Valentines cards to your class that had weird sayings on them like "Heels are a girl's best friend", even though you were seven years old and heels were not in your near future.

2) Being forced to go outside at lunch time.  You hated it at the time because it was freezing, but not getting to breathe in fresh air for 7 hrs. is not at all fun.

3)  Doing projects in art class that  didn't require any real artistic skill.  So, even if you sucked at drawing, your stick people earned a level 4 because you tried your best.

4) Indoor and outdoor shoes.  Convincing your mom to buy you the *cool Sketchers shoes for your indoor pair was the struggle of the century.
*the cool shoes were only the ones that lit up when you walked.  Totally lit. (literally)

5) Getting to leave your hard school desk chair and sit on the carpet.  Oh how I miss story time on the carpet.

6) Having your best friend braid your hair.  The only thing better then this, was when the person sitting behind her was also braiding her hair so it was kind of a braiding train.

7) Those little scooters that were square shaped, and you sat on them and wheeled around like you were the coolest chick in town.

8) Little reading buddies.  When you were the oldest grade at your school, so you got to go and read to the little kindergarteners.  It made you feel all trust worthy and responsible, even though you were 11 and couldn't even stay home alone yet.

9) Field trips that didn't require you to learn or take notes.  Like those times your class went swimming or to the skating rink, those were the absolute best.

10) Having your grandparents take you out for lunch and coming back with a new little toy from your meal.  And of course,  as the savage child you were, you showed it off and bragged about it to your class all afternoon.

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