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Everything Is Not What It Seems

5:26 PM

*cue Wizards of Waverley Place theme song*

Anyways gals, I have some things that I haven't yet shared and AJNRHEWGHGHSJ ARE THEY EVER EXCITING.

First off, if you follow me on Pinterest, (insert lil self-promo) you might have noticed the copious amounts of beachy and tropical pictures I've pinned in the last couple of weeks.

And this is not just me being depressed about getting the first snowfall of the season and having to freeze body parts to shoot pictures outside, but THERE IS ACTUALLY A REASON BEHIND MY MADNESS FOR ONCE.

My parents and I decided at the last minute to book a holiday to somewhere warm over the Christmas break!  We are headed to St. Kitts for about a week and oh my stars, am I ever excited about it.

I'm not sure how your school holidays work, but I don't get off till December 23 and I don't go back till January 9th, which is A+ for a post-Christmas trip.

Next, NaNoWriMo happened.  I didn't come close to writing 50,000 words, and that's A okay with me.  I didn't plan enough and honestly, I was just "busy".  And when I refer to being "busy", I mean I was busy searching for a semi-formal dress and pinning all the tropical pictures.

AND NOW IT'S DECEMBER. No. I'm sorry but I'm not ready.  Come back next month December please and thanks.  

I'm also currently crying over my computer because of all the school work I have to get done this weekend and does someone wanna come run away to Europe with me?  Please, I need to get out of here before my binder eats me alive.

I'm also considering creating a new header for January 1st, because isn't it just oh so fun to spend hours on Pic Monkey and Blogger figuring out how in the world to centre a image header!  I'm kidding.  But, I seriously do want to create a new header, that includes a super sassy new font.

Do you ever have days (or weeks) where you wake up and try to convince yourself to be this kick-butt girl boss and you're brain's just like, nope not today girlie.  That's been me this past week and IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY.  I'm procrastinating everything and my head is over on mars and I CAN'T KEEP IT TOGETHER.  Yes, I'm aware that I'm actually a mess.

K, I promise I'm done rambling now, but thanks a lot for reading gals, it really does bring me so much joy.


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  1. This post was so random yet so FUN AND AWESOME!

    P.S. I'm having a photography contest over on my blog!! :)


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